VIDEO: Nigerian LGBT advocate Bisi Alimi shows personal side of being LGBT in Nigeria

This week on GLAAD's video series, GLAAD: All Access, host Claire Pires visited with Bisi Alimi to talk about the levels of acceptance for LGBT people in Nigeria.

In response to the so-called "Same-sex marriage prohibition" law, NOI Polls, in partnership with Bisi Alimi Foundation and The Initiative for Equal Rights in Nigeria, conducted a poll in Spring of 2015 to assess Nigerians’ awareness, perception, and levels of acceptance of the LGBT community in the country.

Bisi gives some personal stories behind the polling numbers, recounting his experience with a mother who was reunited with her son after initially rejecting him for being gay. The polling found that familiarity with lesbian, gay, and bisexual people has led people to a better understanding of sexual minorities, and leading to more support.

Read more about the poll, including a link to the executive summary, here.

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