VIDEO: Hollywood Must Do Better

Variety exclusively premiered online today "Hollywood Must Do Better," a video GLAAD created of anti-LGBT moments in Hollywood films over the last five years. 

“We’re still the butt of the joke,” Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO and president of GLAAD, told Variety. “We’re still infrequently seen and when we are seen, it’s in a negative light.”

In the wake of the Emmy Awards, the video highlights the contrast between the diversity seen on television and the lack of diversity and accuracy on the big screen. Earlier this year, GLAAD also released the third edition of the Studio Responsibility Index, our annual look at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters in major studio films.  The next edition will be released in early 2016.

“When jokes are made at the expense of a marginalized group, it creates a dangerous environment,” Ellis also told Variety. “This isn’t about being the PC [politically correct] police. It’s about creating a safe environment.”

Don't forget to check out and watch GLAAD's video below. 

Warning: The video contains graphic language and violent images.