Together In Pride

GLAAD is proud to present Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone, featuring many of the people we know and love paying tribute to the frontline LGBTQ heroes at CenterLink and our Community Centers across the country.  We salute the work of all essential workers.

Donate to CenterLink and local centers by clicking here.

GLAAD will not rest until there is 100% acceptance of LGBTQ people across the world.  That mission includes:

  • Bringing the community together to celebrate our wonderful diversity while acknowledging our common identity.  Events like this and the many GLAAD events throughout the year give us moments to do just that.  We see ourselves reflected on the screen and in each other.  
  • Fighting as the community watchdog ensuring we are treated fairly by our government, in news and entertainment and in community affairs.  Our Rapid Response group meets daily to analyze the news cycle, amplify LGBTQ stories and fight back against anti-LGBTQ politicians and activists.
  • Educating and empowering an army of advocates across the country to tell their own stories and enlighten those around them.  We do this through our GLAAD Media Institute that has trained over 12,000 people and given them the tools to communicate and represent us all. The GMI also works as partners with global brands and storytellers creating LGBTQ-inclusive films, television shows, journalism, ads, video games, workplaces, children’s books, and more. 

It’s our honor tonight to present “Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone” to unite our community during this time of isolation, especially those who are in un-affirming locations.  Enjoy the show and please give generously to celebrate the amazing heroes on the frontlines in our Community Centers.

Thank you to our media partners for sharing the Together In Pride livestream and spreading the word about LGBTQ acceptance!