This Is The New Normal

The New Normal is NBC's newest series about a gay couple trying to have a child with the help of a surrogate mother. The comedy follows 40 years of LGBT families on television, which reflect the lives of families who are living the new normal every day. Check out this Infographic: What the One Million Moms Don't Want You to See.

Real Life Families Living the New Normal

Dan and David

Dan Allen and David DeGiralamo began dating in 2002 and both men quickly agreed they would eventually want to start a family together, and decided to research and pursue surrogacy. David and Dan admit that the process presented struggles, both financially and emotionally, but agree their experience has been extremely gratifying. Their son Dominic is healthy, happy and truly loved by his fathers. His younger sister Juliet, from the same surrogate and donor, is now home with the family and settling in to a life of love and laughter in the family's New Jersey home.

Armando and Gonzalo

Armando Lucas Correa, the Managing Editor of People en Español, always dreamed of becoming a father, as did his partner Gonzalo Hernandez who works as a photographer. The couple currently lives in New York City and has been together since 1985. They had first looked into adoption before deciding on surrogacy. Their first child, Emma, was born in 2006 with the couple’s twins, Anna and Lucas, following in 2010 from the same surrogate. Despite the struggles, both financially and emotionally, Armando says the journey to find his children has strengthened his faith.

Kristen and Sarah

Kristen Henderson, a member of the all-female band Antigone Rising, and Sarah Kate Ellis, who works as a high-level magazine executive, were married in their hometown on Long Island in October 2011. The couple currently lives in New York and has been together seven years. Henderson and Ellis traveled a unique path to motherhood with a rare double-pregnancy, meaning the women conceived at the same time by the same donor, causing them to give birth just a few weeks apart from one another in February 2009. They eventually began referring to their two children, Thomas and Kate, as twins.

Jennifer and Alicia

Jennifer Tyrrell and Alicia Burns are raising their four children in Bridgeport, Ohio.  One of their sons, seven year-old Cruz, asked his mothers to join the Boy Scouts of America. After some hesitation, the couple signed him up and soon Jennifer was asked to be a den mother.  Unfortunately after officials learned that Jennifer is gay, she was removed from her volunteer position.

GLAAD Partnering With Equality Utah and Utah Pride Center

The New Normal premieres Monday, September 10 at 10 pm after The Voice on NBC, but you can watch the pilot now on NBC’s website. GLAAD will be partnering with Equality Utah and Utah Pride Center to host a panel discussion and screening for Utah residents following Salt Lake City’s NBC affiliate KSL-TV’s decision to not air the series

40 Years of LGBT Families on TV

LGBT families have actually been on our television screens for nearly half a century, and dozens of other programs have helped pave the way for shows like The New Normal to find mainstream acceptance as you can see in the GLAAD chart below.

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