Tell Apple to Stand Strong Against Anti-Gay Activists


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Earlier this month in response to public outcry, Apple removed the anti-gay 'Manhattan Declaration' iPhone app from its store. Apple's action sent a powerful message that the company stands against intolerance. The app features an electronic version of a declaration, through which users can pledge to "make whatever sacrifices are required" to oppose marriage equality, even, presumably, if that means breaking the law.

The 'Manhattan Declaration' calls gay and lesbian couples "immoral," it calls the recognition of their relationships "false and destructive," and claims that allowing them to be married will lead to "genuine social harms." The original application also contained a quiz in which the "right" answers were those that oppose equality for gay and lesbian people.

This application fuels a climate in which gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are put in harm's way. Apple did the right thing in recognizing that this application violates the company's guidelines.

Now, the anti-gay activist group National Organization for Marriage has released an ad criticizing Apple's decision to stand against bias, and according to the Advocate, the app makers re-submitted the application to Apple. We need to let Apple know that no matter how strong the pressure they're hearing from anti-gay activists and no matter how many ads NOM puts out, they made the right decision.

Join GLAAD in thanking Apple for their action to remove the app and urging them to stay strong in the face of anti-gay activism. Take action now.


Aaron McQuade
Associate Director of National News
(646) 871-8026
Rich Ferraro
Director of Communications
(646) 871-8011