Reince Priebus

27th White House Chief of Staff

27th White House Chief of Staff

Defended his opposition to marriage equality by saying "marriage is a gift from God...there are certain legal institutions that are not just legal and not just protected by our Constitution but they're also protected by the sanctity of marriage given to us by God."

—Erroneously claimed "the facts say... the best scenario for kids is a loving mom and dad."

Boasted to anti-LGBTQ leader Tony Perkins, "We are the pro-life party. We believe in traditional marriage between one man and one woman. I've never moved from that position...I try to honor God in my position as chairman of this party." (*audio starts at 37:45)

Vowed to use his RNC position to be "as strong on these social issues as [as pastor is] willing to be on Sunday morning." (*audio comes at :31)