Carly Fiorina

Trump Accountability Project (TAP)

Potential Administration Appointment

-- Backed a federal amendment barring marriage equality, as well as the discriminatory federal Defense of Marriage Act.

-- Opposes federal law barring employment discrimination against LGBTQ people

-- Boasted about her support for California's discriminatory Proposition 8, which took marriage equality from same-sex couples, and balked at a federal judge for overturning it.

-- Labeled openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook a "hypocrite" for opposing a so-called "religious freedom" law in the state of Indiana, and called the national blowback against the discriminatory law a "ginned-up controversy by people who play identity politics that has divided the nation in a way that is really unhelpful."

-- Insisted a majority vote on minority rights was the "right way" to decide marriage equality: "I believe the right way to solve these very personal issues is to let people vote on them, don't have judges decide it, don't even have representative government decide it, let people vote on it in the states."

-- Said before the 2015 ruling granting marriage equality to all fifty states that such a ruling was "the worst thing the Supreme Court can do right now."

-- Insisted "marriage is a religious institution" because "[o]nly a man and a woman can create life which is a gift that comes from God."

-- Received the endorsement and financial backing of the highly discriminatory National Organization for Marriage

-- Defended the anti-LGBTQ comments and donations of Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy. (*Background: Cathy had said that marriage equality is "inviting God's judgement on our nation" and his foundations had funded several anti-LGBTQ organizations)