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Allen West

U.S. Representative from Florida

U.S. Representative from Florida

Insisted people choose their sexual orientation: “…sexuality is a behavioral choice and we should not be making laws and granting ‘rights’ based upon a behavioral choice. People have changed their ‘sexual orientations,’ but—other than Michael Jackson—can you show me a black person who became white?”

Again insisted that sexual orientation is a choice and therefore LGBTQ people deserve no rights: “How does an entire country give preferences to a group—a small but vocal minority—based upon the choice of sexuality? It is rather hard for me to change my race, but if gay people decide to be bisexual, then do they receive different equal protections under the law? Or what happens if a gay person decides to be heterosexual—what gay rights do they lose and how are they unequally protected under the law?...I think it’s time for America to realize that behavioral choices are privileges—not rights. And the incessant redefinition of everything as a right is just more identity politics—not good policy.”

Compared being LGBTQ to a person choosing a favorite ice cream flavor.

Attacked the military’s allowance of openly lesbian, gay, and bisexual service members because of his belief that people can change their sexual orientation.

Said the LGBTQ community “recruits” students through high school LGBTQ clubs: “Here we are sitting around thinking our kids are going to school to get an academic education, when in reality they’re just lab rats in an indoctrination test tube. The sustainable approach for the gay community—since reproduction requires outside assistance– is one of recruitment and indoctrination—right in our faces.”

Said “Gay marriage is an oxymoron.”

Suggested the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling “could lead to civil war.”

Referred to President Obama’s guidance on public schools to allow transgender students to use facilities that match their gender as “blackmail.” He continued: “If anything, this decision by Barack Obama is indicative of what ails our education system in America; the focus is on indoctrination, not education. It’s not the business of the federal government to advance or promote some insidious ideology called “gender identity....This edict from Obama makes the declaration to our children that God, you know, the Creator from whom we are endowed with unalienable rights, got it all wrong. God didn’t know what He was doing when He created you—you have that power to remake, “identify” yourself as whatever you want. This is no different from the belly-crawling serpent who told Eve to go ahead, eat from that tree, because then you will be equal to God. This is the same concept as the Tower of Babel when man believed it could build a great structure and it would make them equal to God.”

—When Rev. Jesse Jackson expressed concerns about the anti-LGBTQ and racist comments of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, West wrote: “[T]his modern day version of black bloodsucking vampires who are draining the life out of the black community for their own “privilege” and relevancy.... These cretins only show up when there is financial gain for themselves. And I don’t care who calls me Uncle Tom, Oreo, sellout or white man’s porch monkey, I will call out wrong when I see it. And if someone possesses the same skin color as I do and falls in line with this criminal behavior, the heck with you.”

Claimed workplace discrimination against LGBTQ people “[doesn’t] happen out here in the United States of America.”