On the Tras Palabras podcast, Carolina González interviews transgender rights advocate Arianna Lint

Spanish-language audiences have fewer media options for accurate content that covers issues that impact LGBTQ people. Luckily, Spanish-language podcast creators have stepped up to create compelling audio stories. One such podcast is Tras Palabras a new culture podcast that seeks to go beyond words and labels (hence its title, “tras” meaning to go beyond or behind; “palabras” meaning words) giving listeners a chance to get to know the people behind the one or two words that are used to describe them.

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Nobel laureate Vargas Llosa points pen at church; supports civil unions in Peru

Peruvian writer and Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa recently drew international headlines when he criticized his country's Catholic Church for its stance on civil unions. Vargas Llosa described the church as "crassly ignorant" for saying that homosexuality was against the natural order and said passing civil unions would make Peru a more "decent" country. A libertarian and internationally read author, Vargas Llosa has spoken before in support of marriage equality.
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