'If you could see what I feel' - PSA aims to show the pain words can cause

A few months ago, after I did an interview in which I mentioned how hurtful insults and slurs can be, my dad called and brought up the subject. He said he was sorry if ever he had talked a certain way in front of me when I was young, if he'd used certain words that made fun of gay people. "We just didn't know back then, not to use those words. We had no idea. It's not something we talked about much."
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Grupos LGBT y de Mujeres en Ecuador Impulsan Campaña Contra Centros de Tortura “Ex Gay”

Está ganando impulso y atención internacional una campaña impulsada por grupos de mujer y LGBT en Ecuador que está exigiendo al gobierno federal el cierre de más de 200 centros de tortura "ex gay" cuyos víctimas han mayormente sido mujeres lesbianas. Para más información, visite las peticiones de Fundación Causana y de AllOut para impulsar al gobierno federal ecuatoriano a tomar las medidas necesarias.
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