Photo Credit: GLAAD

WATCH: GLAAD President to Georgia Rep. Betty Price: “How about an early retirement like your husband?”

Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, doubled down on a call to action from Rep. Price at the GLAAD Gala Atlanta. Last week, State Rep. Betty Price suggested that Georgians living with HIV and AIDS should be quarantined and issued a non-apology when called out by advocates.

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Amazin LeThi
October 18, 2016

Amazin LeThi: The Power of Sharing Asian LGBTQ anti-bullying Stories

Amazin LeThi, the founder of the Amazin LeThi Foundation is the first Asian Athlete Ally Ambassador and a fearless fighter for anti-bullying in Asian LGBTQ community, LeThi has come a long way and realized how Asians stereotypes portrayed in media, the lack of exposure of Asians in media, and the short of support systems and a mirror image deepen the stigma for Asian LGBTQ communit.

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