GLAAD Media Institute
May 27, 2020
by gdavis

#GLAADInstitute hosts workshop for COVID-19 advocates

On May 21st, the GLAAD Media Institute hosted a workshop for Body Politic, a support group for people with Covid-19. The workshop, led by members of the GLAAD Media Institute team, taught the group skill on how to work with the media to tell their stories in safe, effective, and impactful ways.

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The Naming Project

Feeling isolated from your Easter celebration? Join these virtual LGBTQ inclusive gatherings for Holy Week

COVID-19 requires everyone to stay at home and practice social distancing, which is a struggle for all of us this Easter season, especially those LGBTQ-identifying individuals who already have been alienated from their places of worship. Fortunately, LGBTQ faith organizations are stepping up. We previously posted some Passover celebrations, and today we are sharing some Easter commemorations.

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CBS News
April 7, 2020

"Don't let us die," plead immigrants in custody during COVID-19

“Don’t let us die,” plead the women in a story on CBS News that profiles several people including Arlet Victoria Remón Pérez, 23, who emigrated from Cuba with her girlfriend. A former medical student, Remón-Perez says women in detention are not properly protected from COVID-19 and are scared. Close quarters and lack of supplies create a contagion nightmare, say lawmakers like Cory Booker, members of the Hispanic Caucus and over a dozen organizations have called for the responsible release of detainees until their court date.

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