You Are Not Alone, CeCe: Support CeCe McDonald #FreeCeCe

GLAAD, Trans Youth Support Network, the Trans People of Color Coalition, and others are continuing to support CeCe McDonald and bring greater awareness about the issues facing the transgender community.

Update 7/9 --The Support CeCe campaign recently learned that, while CeCe is fairing the mistreatment from prison staff and fellow inmates, she is not being administered her medication properly. CeCe and the Support CeCe campaign are asking her supporters to call-in to St. Cloud Health Services Director Cheri Meyer, MN DOC Health Director Nanette Larson and St. Cloud Psychological Services Director Bruce Hedge to demand that CeCe McDonald be administered the 20 milligrams of hormones that she is prescribed and allowed by court order! Please contact: Cheri Meyer (St. Cloud Health Services Director): (320)240-3077 Nanette Larson (MN DOC Health Services Director): (651)361-7280 Bruce Hedge (St. Cloud Psychological Services Director): (320)240-3030

GLAAD, the CeCe Support Committee, Trans People of Color Coalition and the Trans Youth Support Network are partnering to raise awareness about the everyday issues transgender people face in their community, especially transgender women of color who experience discrimination at disproportionately higher rates.

In June 2011, while walking down the street, CeCe McDonald and her friends were accosted in a transphobic and racist attack. After suffering lacerations to her face, Cece tried to defend herself. In an unfortunate turn of events, CeCe’s attacker later died from the altercation. On June 4, 2012, Cece was sentenced to 41 months in prison. Today, she needs your support more than ever. Originally placed in solitary confinment, cut off from the world and by herself, we're here to let her know, "You Are Not Alone, CeCe!"

Although CeCe has ultimately been convicted, it's still crucial that we raise awareness about this and similar injustices trangender women like CeCe face every day, including the lack of visibility for recent stories such as Paige Clay and Brandy Martell.  Kylar Broadus, exeucutive director of Trans People of Color Coalition calls the situation a "travesty."


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The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs reported that in 2011, young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 were 2.41 times as likely to experience physical violence compared to LGBTQH people age 30 or older. In addition, transgender women constituted 45% of the anti-LGBTQH murders--an astounding 87.1% were people of color and has made this is a growing issue.

The Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that transgender and gender non-conforming people are highly vulnerable in the U.S., particularly in the justice system. The report found that 63% of respondents had experienced an act of serious discrimination such as job loss, sexual assault or incarceration due to anti-transgender bias. The discrimination bias affects transgender communities of color at higher percentages in employment, poverty and education--systematically opressing transgender communities across the country.

An array of media outlets such as, Loop 21, TransGriot, "Melissa-Harris-Perry" and transgender advocate, Janet Mock's #GirlsLikeUs campaign have continued to use platforms that raise awareness about these issues. However, the conversation needs to continue.

Over the next 41 months, let CeCe know that she’s not been forgotten. There is a global community of supporters who will continue to advocate for inclusion, fair treatment and representation.

"The Minnesota Department of Corrections is at a crossroads," says Executive Director of the Trans Youth Support Network, Katie Burgess, "As we continue to pour our support behind CeCe, the chances of her survival within this system are exponentially greater.  We also begin to expose the unjust conditions for all incarcerated individuals at the hands of the prison system and perhaps start to think critically, especially within the LGBT community, about what justice truly looks like for us."

Words from CeCe:

"No matter where you go, or community you live in, people will continue to discriminate. And as long as we do not stand up for our equality, we allow them to have the upper hand against us. We allow for them to feel that it's okay to verbally and physically attack us. And I feel that it is our duty to give these people the awareness and education about whom we truly are, and not whom they assume we are."

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