Tell the Chicago Sun-Times to stop spreading LGBT lies - Stand up for Laverne

UPDATE: The Chicago Sun-Times has removed the piece! Thank you to everyone who contacted them with your feedback. Read their apology here.

All LGBT people and allies need to make their voices heard regarding irresponsible journalism that ran in the Chicago Sun-Times. 

Is Laverne Cox a woman? Yes. Does she deserve such blatant and ugly disrespect from the Chicago Sun-Times? No.

Laverne has always stood up for LGBT people and now you can stand up for Laverne.

On Saturday, the Chicago Sun-Times featured a virulently anti-trans "op-ed" from Kevin D. Williamson, in which he referred to Laverne Cox and other trans women as "an effigy of a woman," repeatedly used incorrect pronouns to describe Laverne, and inaccurately stated that she is not a woman.

If the Chicago Sun-Times is willing to serve as a platform for anti-LGBT activists like Kevin D. Williamson, who knows what will come next. Is this ugly click-bait a sign that the paper is angling to become a trash tabloid like the New York Post which drives traffic on the backs of LGBT people?

GLAAD, as well as several Chicago-based transgender leaders, reached out to the editorial editor of the Chicago Sun-Times to speak about how the "op-ed" is nothing but falsehoods and inaccuracies about transgender people that ignore the expertise of credible medical and psychological health authorities.

The paper should give voice to trans people living in Chicago, but take Williamson's inaccurate post, which ignores all leading medical and psychological organizations, down from its site.

Fill out the form below to send a message to Chicago Sun-Times Publisher & Editor in Chief, Jim Kirk, and Editorial Page Editor, Tom McNamee, telling them that Williamson's essay is an inaccurate and mean-spirited piece written by someone who clearly has no knowledge or understanding of transgender people. (UPDATE: the essay has been removed.)

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From Women, Action & the Media: Chicago Sun Times: Apologize to Laverne Cox and institute standards for covering transgender people Retract Your Disgusting and Transphobic Op-Ed on Laverne Cox