#SpiritDay 2015: Involve Your School

  1. Sign up to be a #SpiritDay school

    Visit our special page, where you can sign up your school to be an official participant in Spirit Day

  2. Tell students about #SpiritDay on Facebook and Twitter

    Use your Facebook, Twitter and other social media resources to inform your students about Spirit Day and what they can do to participate

  3. Download the #SpiritDay Resource Kit

    The Spirit Day Resource Kit will help you and your engage the participation of your students, faculty, staff, and parents.

  4. Download and share GLAAD’s Anti-Bullying Resource Kit

    Spirit Day isn't just about going purple. It's about educating adults and youth alike about the dangers of LGBT bullying. Download our resource kit to find out how you can educate your students and others.

  5. Join the official #SpiritDay event on Facebook

    Join the official #SpiritDay event on Facebook and invite your students, faculty, and staff to join.

  6. Encourage your students to download the #SpiritDay app to their smartphones

  7. GLAAD is happy to announce that you can now to take part in Spirit Day right from your phone! 

    GLAAD and Toyota Financial Services have launched the "Go Purple for #SpiritDay powered by Toyota Financial Services" app for iPhone and Android. The app provides users with anti-bullying resources, calls to action, and a tool that can turn photos purple and share to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  8. The free app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.