Spencer Harvey, Communications Coordinator

A photo of Abdool Corlette

Spencer Harvey joined as GLAAD’s Communications Coordinator in July 2019. In his role, Spencer supports communications and media relations for GLAAD’s various programs, events, and initiatives. He originally served as a Communications & Public Relations Intern at GLAAD from January to June 2019. 

In May 2019, Spencer graduated from New York University with a Master of Science in Global Affairs, specializing in Global Gender Studies with an LGBTQ research focus. During his time at NYU, Spencer conducted a field research study in the United Arab Emirates, where he analyzed the intersection between anti-LGBTQ laws and the expression of identity and sexuality for gay men living in the country. Upon graduating, his thesis, titled “The Politics of Getting Political: How News Media Outlets Portray Powerful Female Celebrities Who Use Their Platform for Political Purposes,” was one of five theses to be honored with Distinction. In 2017, Spencer received a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Political Science & Law from the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Before joining GLAAD, Spencer worked as a communications intern for various organizations, including the Rockefeller Foundation and UNDP.