If You Run Into Questions

If a publication is at all hesitant or doubtful about including the stories of LGBT and allied community members for any reason, share these important reasons why they should:

  • It’s news: Your celebration (wedding, anniversary, birth announcement, baptism, etc.) is news – community members routinely share the major milestones and celebrations in local media outlets.     
  • It’s more visible than ever: LGBT people are celebrating their relationships and their families and being open about their lives in their workplaces, neighborhoods and places of worship.  It’s happening in big cities and small towns alike, and media outlets should reflect that reality.  
  • It’s local and timely:  Media outlets have a responsibility to share current news about what’s happening locally – if you’re a local resident and have an important piece of news to share, your story belongs in the local paper.
  • It’s the right thing to do:  The celebrations of countless community members of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life appear in local media outlets, and the stories of LGBT people should also be included in those outlets.

We also work with community members and local organizations on media outreach.  Contact us at announcingequality@glaad.org to find out more.

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