Announcing Equality

In cities and small towns all over the country, communities are seeing the lives of their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) family members, friends and neighbors reflected in their media outlets.  These stories will spur the kinds of everyday conversations that will change hearts and minds.

GLAAD first launched the Announcing Equality campaign in 2002, after working with The New York Times to open its weddings/celebrations pages to lesbian and gay couples. Six years later, the number of inclusive newspapers has jumped from 70 to 1049, and nearly 72 percent of all daily newspapers in the United States now accept wedding and/or commitment ceremony announcements for same-sex couples.

Unfortunately, most of these papers haven’t had a chance to run an announcement – that’s where you come in! 

We’re urging you to share your stories by recognizing the celebrations and milestones in your life, and to share your story in other forms of media, from office newsletters and union periodicals to church bulletins, Facebook and YouTube.  Submit a wedding announcement.  Start a blog.  Share your story on a radio call-in show. 

We’ll give you the tools and samples you need. 

Your Story
How You Do It
Check Your Local Paper
If You Run Into Questions
Share Your Success
Inclusive Newspaper List (PDF)