Ugandan Author of "Anti-Homosexual Bill" Connected to D.C. National Day of Prayer

January 26, 2010
Ann Craig Director of Religion Faith & Values (646) 871-8020

January 26, 2010, New York, NY - GLAAD urges media to examine the shifting stories around the Ugandan Member of Parliament, David Bahati, who proposed “The Anti-Homosexuality bill” that includes the death penalty for gay people. Gay media were the first in the US to cover the story when the January 17, 2010, Daily Monitor from Kampala quoted Bahati as saying, “I intend to attend the prayer breakfast,” referring to the February 4, National Prayer Breakfast, annually attended by top U.S. government officials and sponsored by The Family—also known as The Fellowship Foundation.

On January 19, Dr. Warren Throckmorton, cited Family official, Bob Hunter, as saying that the invitation to Bahati was extended and was declined months ago and that currently, Family leaders “…were taking action to assure that Bahati did not come to any of the meetings.” Throckmorton’s account was confirmed in writing by Ambassador Richard Swett, a longtime associate of the The Family. There has been no confirmation from Minister Bahati either way.

Bahati’s connection to The Family is documented by Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family, through The Family 990 tax reports. There he found that David Bahati’s African Youth Leadership Forum received millions of dollars from the Family.

More recently, Bahati is quoted by BBC News saying that he is now willing to “amend some clauses” in the legislation. Meanwhile, Pastor Martin Sempa called Bahati a “hero” at a recent rally for the anti-gay legislation which ended in most people walking out as Sempa showed slides with sexually explicit images to demonstrate the need for the law. Bahati may or may not attend the National Prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C. but his sponsorship of the draconian legislation in Uganda and his connection to sponsors of the National Prayer Breakfast warrant ongoing investigation.

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