February 16, 2010
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February 16, 2010, Los Angeles, CA - Last week, GLAAD, the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, and a host of grassroots activists took a stand against lyrics that glorify violence against LGBT people, calling on promoters to cancel upcoming concerts by anti-gay reggae singer, Capleton. This weekend we learned that all of Capleton’s planned appearances had been cancelled and that he did not board his plane into the country.
Capleton had been scheduled to perform yesterday at the Tribute to the Legends festival in San Diego. He was also slated to perform this weekend at the Ragga Muffins Festival in Long Beach and Oakland, CA  but was removed from the line-up of performers on the festival’s official site. Additionally, Renegade Productions  announced on their website that Capleton’s headlining tour has also been canceled.
Capleton continues to perform songs with virulently anti-gay lyrics that promote committing violent acts against the LGBT people, including murder.  And although Capleton was one of several singers who signed onto the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA) in 2007, pledging to renounce and condemn violence against the LGBT people, he has not stopped performing the music.
“We thank the venues and promoters who denied Capleton a platform after learning about his history of violent lyrics,” said GLAAD Senior Director of Programs, Rashad Robinson. “But at the end of the day promoters need to become better educated about the talent they are elevating.  GLAAD will continue to speak out and take a stand against artists who promote violence against our community.”
The campaign around the Capleton concerts is part of a larger movement toward eradicating violent anti-gay lyrics from reggae music. Recently, GLAAD partnered with the LAGLC to protest Buju Banton’s Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. Previous attempts by Banton to perform have also been met with protests and ultimate cancellation.
GLAAD would like to thank and acknowledge all the groups and individuals who worked with us to ensure that reggae artist Capleton would not be welcome so long as he continues to stand by his violent lyrics.