North Carolina

Ron Baity

-- Called the SCOTUS marriage ruling “a blow to the republic”

-- Head of Return America organization

-- Has installed Vote For Marriage billboards across NC



Tami Fitzgerald

-- Exec. Director of the North Carolina Values Coalition

-- Longtime lobbyist for "values" issues



-- Related trans bathroom access to opening your home to thieves: “Once a man is given free access to women’s bathrooms by repealing HB2, increasing his criminal penalties for sexual assault is like granting thieves free access into the privacy of your home with a promise to only prosecute them if you witness them stealing.”

Patrick Wooden

- Pastor of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh


-- Insists: “Everybody knows that a transgendered woman is a man. And everybody knows that a transgendered man is a woman. And we have allowed common sense to go out of the window in the name of political correctness.”

Mark Creech

-- Executive Director of Christian Action League



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