Pat Robertson

-- Founder and Chairman, The Christian Broadcasting Network, the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), and Regent University (among others)

-- Host, "The 700 Club"



-- After tragic shooting at Orlando gay club, said “the best thing to do is to sit on the sidelines and let [LGBTQ rights advocates and Muslims] kill themselves”

Rick Scarborough

-- Pastor and founder of Vision America



-- Insisted House law protecting LGBTQ people was “better called the Mayor’s Predator Protection Act”

Tim Wildmon

-- President, American Family Association



-- Refers to a transgender woman as “a sexually confused man dressed as a woman”

Don Wildmon

-- Founder and Chairman, American Family Association



-- From Don Wildmon’s “Principles Which Guide the AFA’s Opposition to the Homosexual Agenda”: “I never dreamed I would see the day when sodomy would be called normal, and those who held to traditional values based on Christian teaching would be called bigots."

Bob Vander Plaats

-- President, The Family Leader



-- Insists the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling will lead to polygamy and pedophilia, and that trans bathroom accommodations are “a train wreck waiting to happen”

Frank Turek

-- Commentator, American Family Radio

-- Conservative lecturer



-- Says “homosexuality is a behavior and LGBT political goals are all about imposing certain leftist behaviors on others, from forcing people to participate in same sex marriage ceremonies to allowing men in women’s restrooms”

Glenn Stanton

-- Director for Family Formation Studies, Focus on the Family



Mat and Anita Staver

Mat Staver -- Chairman, Liberty Counsel and Dean, Liberty University Law School

Anita Staver -- President, Liberty Counsel



Jennifer Roback Morse

-- President of the Ruth Institute, which, from 20082013, was a project of NOM’s “Marriage Education Fund”




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