Daniel Villarreal is a Texas-born eJournalist and media educator with an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University—the fancy one in New York City!

Villarreal (who speaks in the third person) has taught digital writing at Austin College and Netroots Nation 2012. He has also served as editor for both and and has written for The Bilerico Project, The Dallas Voice, Metro Weekly and The Austin Chronicle. 

He is also a regular attendee of Netroots Nation, Creating Change and the South By Southwest Festival during which he demands to know why each film, song and web app is not more LGBT-inclusive. 

Villarreal (aka "The Villarreal Deal") has been LGTBlogging since 2008 and is currently working on a post-WWIII novella about a depressed man who sees a desecrated God at the bottom of the ocean. It should be pretty badass.

Villarreal has also been perfecting a series of trainings on eJournalism so he can one day quit his day job at the Laser Eye Clinic and teach folks how to blog with professional accuracy, intellectual honesty and personal conviction.

He would like to raise an empowered new generation of digital media consumers who can detect BS and elevate progressive online discourse and storytelling rather than just add to the masturbatory, racist, patriarchal, heteronromative, Eurocentric, corporate pop-outrage machine that is 75 percent of contemporary media.

Villarreal is also suspicious that sentiments like the one above and his prior writings on child indoctrination will render him ineligible for any serious consideration as a media contact for LGBT issues of color. But, people thought the same of Larry Kramer and Dan Savage at one point in time and look at them now.

Villarreal would like to conclude now and end his bio with the following word—sasquatch.          

Thank you and good night.