Los Angeles

Brenda is a transgender Latina woman, who has lived with HIV for 17 years. She is originally from Michoacán, Mexico and is an activist and leader in the transgender community and coordinates transgender Latina women living with HIV.

She studied business administration at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and has participated in local, state, national and international conferences such as ALIANZA, Trans-unity, LLEGO, USCA, NLAAD, NAPWA Transgender Law Center, EQUALTY, PARTY II and the 2012 International AIDS Conference in DC.

She currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a health educator, coordinating transgender women living with HIV/AIDS at Bienestar Servicios Humanos. Brenda shows her dedication to the community by providing high quality service to transgender Latinas in their transition process and encouraging them to have a better quality of life and a dignified mind.

The “Transgéneros Unidos” program in which Brenda works offers various types of assistances, one of which is "Hermanas de Luna y Sol.” As part of the program, Brenda advocates for girls to stay in healthy relationships, use condoms and develop higher self-esteem and spirituality. They also discuss barriers of being a Spanish-speaking Latina in the United States, as well as the problem of HIV-AIDS and substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, silicone, etc...).

Bienestar also provides support groups where people discuss strength, personal growth, how to stay healthy and change high-risk behavior.