Tell the Pope: What do you want Pope Francis to know about LGBT people?

76% of Catholics favor laws that would protect LGBT people against discrimination. Despite this majority, the media and Church hierarchy often misrepresent the experiences of LGBT Catholics by focusing on anti-LGBT pundits, bishops, and activists.

LGBT people hoped the Pope's visit to the U.S. in September would be an opportunity for him to learn from the experiences of LGBT people by meeting with them. The Pope had an opportunity to hear stories of perseverance, hope, and struggle from LGBT Catholics and their families. Join GLAAD on Tuesday, October 27 at 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET in a Google Hangout with LGBT Catholic leaders to talk about the Synod on Marriage and Family at the Vatican, the meeting where bishops and cardinals reviewed the Church's ministry and teaching on issues related to marriage and family.

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Nicholas Coppola, a gay Catholic man, was stripped of all his involvement in his church after he married the man of his dreams. Nicholas continues to be faithful to the Roman Catholic Church, and he is calling on Pope Francis to sit down and listen to stories like his. Add your name, and urge Pope Francis to meet with LGBT Catholics and their families during his trip to the United States. Sign the petition now


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What do you want the Pope to know about LGBT people? Submit a photo, video, or story to the Tell the Pope Tumblr about your experience as an LGBT person or ally.



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In preparation for Pope Francis' upcoming visit to the United States, GLAAD has released "The Papal Visit: A journalist's guide to reporting on Pope Francis and the LGBT community," a resource guide for journalists covering Pope Francis and LGBT Catholics. Written in both Spanish and English, the guidebook contains a timeline outlining some of the Pope's most prominent actions and statements about the LGBT community as well as best, practices, pitfalls, and terms to avoid when discussing LGBT Catholics. Further, the guide highlights LGBT-supportive Catholics, LGBT Catholic organizations, story ideas focusing on both LGBT acceptance and opposition among Catholics, and more.Read it now.