GLAAD Media Institute


GLAAD has learned a lot since its founding in 1985 about the media’s role in changing hearts and minds. GLAAD demonstrated not only media’s powerful influence—impacting how people treat others, how they vote, and their daily decisions—but our own authoritative potential to lead the conversation, reshape the narrative, and ultimately, change the culture.

Now it’s time to share that experience more widely, giving people the tools they need to break barriers, champion acceptance, and amplify media impact in today’s culture


The GLAAD Media Institute enables people to build the core skills and techniques that effectuate positive cultural change. This is accomplished through three pillars:

  • TRAINING: Spokesperson and media engagement education for effective storytelling
  • CONSULTING: Serving industries, corporations, and organizations positioned to take a stand for justice
  • RESEARCH: Fielding studies, evaluating data, and developing metrics to strengthen our mission and drive action

As GMI’s winning team of innovative leaders, creative strategists, and media experts conduct trainings and workshops around the world, new ambassadors will be equipped and mobilized to spread these best practices further. Expanding our influence through partnerships with smaller, regional organizations will magnify our impact outside the nation’s big cities. In less than two years’ time, we’ll be reaching more, teaching more, and accelerating acceptance on a higher level to our broadest audience yet.