Michaela Jaé Rodriguez talks about partnership with Citi’s Chosen Name Campaign, Latinx Heritage Month, Season 2 of “Loot,” a top secret project, and more!

Golden Globe and GLAAD Media Award winning actress Michaela Jaé Rodriguez is joining forces with Citi and Mastercard in their “Chosen Name” campaign. Account holders now have the ability to use their chosen name on credit and debit cards, a major step forward for trans and non binary people whose legal name may not align with their true name. 

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos was joined by the multi-talented actress and singer to talk about this initiative.

According to Rodriguez, since the launch of the initiative “31,000 people were able to just call and change their name.” Not only is Citi making this process more accessible to cardholders but they’re making it easier to do than ever. 

Rodriguez explains why having a person’s true name on their bank card is so important. “It makes life a little bit easier, it’s definitely a huge confidence boost, and more than anything, it’s affirming. It’s an affirmation, it’s validation of who you are as a person.” As a member of the community herself, Rodriguez knows how important a name is for trans and gender non conforming people. “We pride ourselves on people respecting our names and respecting our pronouns.” 

In addition to her commitment to the LGBTQ community, Rodriguez is also proud to be celebrating her Puerto Rican identity this Latinx Heritage Month. For her, celebrating one’s culture is “walking into a space and owning it… Just being who I am, taking up the space I need to take up, just being there with grace. That’s a celebration of culture.”

Rodriguez also talks about how thrilled she is for the upcoming season of the Apple TV+ series Loot, where she stars alongside icons Maya Rudolph and Joel Kim Booster. She is honored that “the audience wants more and is willing to get to know more about the characters.” 

In addition to a new EP she hopes to be dropping by the end of the year, Rodriguez has a lot on the horizon to be excited about. From producing projects, to starring in a top secret film, to maybe even getting her own action figure, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez fans have a lot to look forward to!