Stacey Abrams: Voting plus protest equals long term change

On June 4th, Fair Fight Action founder Stacey Abrams shared an op-ed about the importance of voting in addition to impactful protesting. Abrams writes that in moments of social upheaval like right now, voting can feel inadequate, but that it is still incredibly important. The GLAAD Media Institute is offering a workshop on how to best help voters use their voices.

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GLAAD Media Institute
May 27, 2020
by gdavis

#GLAADInstitute hosts workshop for COVID-19 advocates

On May 21st, the GLAAD Media Institute hosted a workshop for Body Politic, a support group for people with Covid-19. The workshop, led by members of the GLAAD Media Institute team, taught the group skill on how to work with the media to tell their stories in safe, effective, and impactful ways.

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