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News that originates from and/or specifically impacts a local community, city, state, or region
Photo credit: Winnie Miles & Carolyn Allen

Amid nationwide rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation on the state level, GLAAD and Equality Florida release media guide

The guide contains story leads, a glossary of terms and definitions frequently used in reporting, terms to avoid, and common pitfalls – useful for the convening of the Florida State Legislature on January 9. It also includes a general timeline outlining Florida’s history on LGBTQ issues from 1972 to today

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August 11, 2017

Apply to become a GLAAD Rising Stars Grant recipient

The GLAAD Rising Star Grants Program celebrates young people’s commitment to enhancing LGBTQ representation within their communities and culture at large. The Rising Stars San Francisco Grants will honor young people who are accelerating acceptance for LGBTQ people in the fields of digital media, social media, and tech. 

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