Help support Jennifer Tyrrell and her family!

After she was ousted as her son's den leader, Jennifer Tyrrell has fought hard against the Boy Scouts' ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. GLAAD has been with her every step of the way, including in July when she delivered over 300,000 signatures to the Boy Scouts' headquarters demanding the organization remove its policy. 

All of this attention has thrust Jennifer into the media spotlight, and since lead her to become a sort of accidental advocate, a title she never thought she would have. Jennifer's amazing partner Alicia Burns started an IndieGoGo account to help their family raise money to fund their advocacy campaign.

On the page Alicia writes that the advocacy and travel "has been costly" for their family but, "we wholeheartedly believe that ending his discriminatory policy is a huge leap toward a spirit of acceptance and inclusiveness in our society."

 Please consider donating to help them work towards equality for all Boy Scouts across the country.