GLAAD Grants - Supporting LGBTQ-Inclusive Content Creators

FAQ - GLAADgrants

How do I apply?
First of all, we encourage you to read all the information before you begin the application process. This includes the Welcome Page, Production Criteria, Categories for Entry and Ineligibility, and Submission Criteria for Written Proposal. If you feel that you qualify for consideration, then complete the 2017 Grant Application, and submit this with all required documents requested within the Submission Criteria for Written Proposal.
When is the Deadline to submit?
All entries must be received by 5pm (pacific) on Saturday April 15, 2017. To ensure that your entry is received in time, we recommend tracking its shipment via USPS, FedEx or UPS.
Can I submit electronically?
As long as all required information is received that would have been sent by traditional ground methods, you can submit electronically via DROPBOX . Just be mindful of the size of the e-file so that it doesn’t have to be broken up into separate e-mailings.
Will I be notified when my entry is received by GLAAD?
Due to the volume of entries received, we will not be able to notify applicants once we get your submission. We recommend you submit requesting a “confirmation of delivery” from your chosen carrier.
Is there an entrance fee?
Once the judging process is completed, will I be notified of your decision?
At that point in time, only grant recipients will be notified via email by Friday, June 2, 2017. (Please do not contact GLAAD concerning the status of your entry.)
If I don’t get chosen to receive a grant, can I request feedback anyway?
Because of the volume of entries received across all categories of work, we are unable to provide you feedback on any aspect of your entry.
If I am producing my piece with another creator/director, can we submit separate grant requests to increase our chances of being selected?
Unfortunately, no. Only one entry per production will be accepted. In this situation, please list all producers and directors within the Written Proposal so we can cross-reference seemingly separate but, actually, individual entries and productions.
Since this is a Completion Grant, how much of the production should I have done?
While it’s important to be on a trajectory of finishing your project within a year after winning the grant, the value of professional industry mentors will be most valuable when you’re in a stage where their input and guidance can directly impact your work. Therefore, it should be no less than 50% shot/recorded, and no further along than a “locked cut” (the last edit of the piece, after which no more will take place).
How much of my budget should I submit?
Please submit as much as you can in order to support your application. We do this for several reasons: to see how much your production is costing, how much more you expect it to cost, and where those costs are being allocated to?
Why would you like to know my Demographic Information (gender, ethnicity, etc.)?
Even though giving us this information is purely on a Voluntary basis, we’d like this info in order to make sure we’re reaching a wide and diverse population of potential entrants, especially within the LGBTQ community. NOTE: Providing or not providing us with this information will not in any way prejudice our decision-making/judging process. In fact, once your Application Form is received, we will separate out the Demographic Information from the rest of the Form, leaving us with raw demo data that in no way includes or references personal identifiers (name, contact info, etc.). After collating this data, we will be left with a “snapshot” of the community that submitted entries.
Speaking of funding, why is it important for GLAAD to know where I’ve gotten or am about to get my money from?
For us to support your production with funding and other resources, we need to ensure that your current or applied-to funding does not come from sources supporting activities or initiatives that run counter to GLAAD’s mission of accelerating acceptance of the LGBTQ community here and around the world.
Do I have to live in a particular area in order to receive mentorship if I win?
Entries will be judged without consideration of geographical location as a criteria. For this inaugural year of the competition, we’re accepting entries from North America. If your production features non English dialogue, your budget must reflect translation captioning. Additionally, you must be comfortable with and available to work with your Mentor via Skype, Google Hangout or other video streaming apps if you’re not both already in the same city.
If I happen to win the grant and my production is promoted by GLAAD, will I have a stronger chance to be considered for a GLAAD Media Award?
Receiving a glaad grant does not automatically place you in the running for a GLAAD Media Award. Should your completed production qualify for consideration, it would still compete against other entries on the basis of representing "fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of the LGBTQ community and the issues that affect their lives."