GLAAD Grants - Supporting LGBTQ-Inclusive Content Creators

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(to be included within the submission packet as separate documents)
Artistic Statement: This is the opportunity for you to discuss the creative vision for your project. This may include: structure, tone, style, and motivation for telling your story. (500 word limit)
Proposal/Treatment: Separate from your Artistic Statement, this provides a fuller introduction to you and your production. It should ideally include and address the following points:
  • Applicant’s Bio
  • Synopsis of your entry and what happens (or what you intend to happen) from start to finish, including major overarching plot points or progression of narrative/non-narrative.
  • Outline of major, featured and complex characters.
  • How does it Accelerate Acceptance of LGBTQ people and their issues, thereby advancing GLAAD’s mission?
  • What is your entry’s Audience Potential within and outside of the LGBTQ community?
  • How would you demonstrate your ability to complete the project within the allotted one-year timeframe (commitments from crew, partners, location sites; experience from past project; etc.)?
  • What are your marketing and distribution strategies?
  • Sample of previous projects for which you are the creator: completed or work-in-progress (can be in physical, digital form or a link to your artistic reel). NOTE: GLAAD agrees to use this solely within the judging process.
  • Creative Team Bios
  • Project’s Website (if available); including any social media sites dedicated to your project.
  • Production Timeline
Budget: Please be as detailed as possible within each of the factors. (Many spreadsheet templates for filmmakers can be found online.)
  • What is your budget, and how is it broken down by areas of expense? (PDF/Excel)
    1. Pre-Production
    2. Production
    3. Post-Production
    4. Marketing, Distribution and Impactful Outreach
  • Is your total budget in line with the programmatic requirements of the production (for example, does the cost of constructing your story outweigh the storytelling), and how would glaad grants meaningfully support this effort towards completion?
  • Current Funding: IMPORTANT - include ALL sources from which funding has been, or is in the process of being, secured. Include status of each pending solicitation.

    NOTE: Incomplete or inaccurate funding information may be grounds to disqualify your entry during the Call for Entries process.

  • If you have a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor for your project, please list their name and address within your proposal.

Questions? Please visit our FAQ page.

Production Criteria,
Categories for Eligible Entries and Ineligibility


  • To be eligible for a Completion Grant, the project must be in production, with no less than 50% of production completed by the date of submission to the glaad grants initiative.
  • The format must be digital, with the ability to present work-to-date via a digital platform: dvd, USB Flash Drive or website (such as Vimeo).
  • Spanish-language entries are eligible and encouraged. If submitting a foreign language entry, submit it with subtitles and with the script.


The following examples are types of productions suitable for entry.


  • Scripted short: fictional piece coming in at under 40 minutes.
  • Scripted feature: fictional piece over 40 minutes.
  • Scripted episodic: fictional pieces of defined lengths where each episode is unique in plot to the others, though characters may be the same.
  • Scripted series: fictional pieces of defined lengths where each episode’s plotline can only happen because of what preceded it. Also known as Scripted Serial.


  • Documentary short: under 40 minutes; tells the story solely with images or title screens to visually narrate the documentary; or through an on- or off-screen narrator.
  • Documentary feature: over 40 minutes; tells the story solely with images or title screens to visually narrate the documentary; or through an on- or off-screen narrator.
  • Documentary style reality series: any length; a reality-based series that focuses on a specific real world subject, person, profession, lifestyle, family, business or venue.


  • A fictional or documentary style program, episodic or single session, made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet. Can be audio only, or contain visual stills or videos.


Projects not eligible include:
  • Entries that are not original in nature (i.e., remakes or se/prequels)
  • Entries that are not authored by producer (cannot submit on someone else’s behalf).
  • Commercial projects
  • Industrial, educational or promotional projects (i.e., training films, corporate educational videos, advocacy pieces for particular causes or political campaigns, etc.)
  • Student projects, such as a production that will go towards a thesis project
  • Projects that have a licensing agreement for limited distribution as part of their ancillary funding stream. If your entry goes on to win a grant, distribution agreements can be secured after the glaad grants 2017 cycle is completed.
  • Projects that are funded by any entity featured in the content of the production.

Please mail submissions to

5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500
Los Angeles, CA 90036