GLAAD Grants - Supporting LGBTQ-Inclusive Content Creators


glaadgrants provides completion funding and creative mentorships
to content creators for in-progress works that specifically advance GLAAD’s mission
of amplifying diverse voices from the LGBTQ community.

The submission period is closed. Please check back later for updated information.

Completion Funds

Completion funds will ensure that innovative, LGBTQ content-based films that meet the program criteria can be completed within a one-year timeframe, while still providing room for input and guidance by professional Mentors. With a total grant package of $10,000, completion funding will be distributed as follows:

  1. First Place will receive $5000
  2. There will be two additional recipients, each receiving $2500

Not all grants need be awarded, but are done so at the discretion of the judges.


Post-production Support

Post-production support will be provided to grant recipients by utilizing GLAAD’s online social media platforms, and other communications tools as appropriate, to raise awareness of the selected productions and introduce audiences to new voices.


Mentorship provides an opportunity for knowledge, experience and support provided by experienced and successful professionals. Mentorship also promotes best practices of quality filmmaking through peer-to-peer support, ultimately enhancing the quality of the grant recipient’s production. There are two levels of Mentorship provided to all grant recipients:


Assigned Mentors
are those that are committed to meeting, in person or by e-connection, with their mentee on an agreed-upon schedule lasting no more than one year.


Group Mentors
are those that will meet with all the mentees in one session to discuss best practices of filmmaking, comment on where each project is at and answer questions from mentees.


How to Apply

The submission period is closed. For your reference, however, the following guidelines are provided in advance of the period opening at a later date. Please check back for updates.
Commitment to Diversity

glaadgrants recognizes diverse content in line with GLAAD’s mission of encouraging fair, accurate and inclusive representation of LGBTQ people and stories. We also encourage a diverse pool of applicants by gender, orientation and identity, age, race, ethnicity, and obvious or non-apparent disability.

Time Frame Once You Apply

Once ineligible applications have been excluded from consideration and the jury process commences, it will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks for decisions on grant recipients to be made. NOTE: Please do not contact us concerning the status of your application or for feedback on your project, as only those who are under final consideration will be notified.


Visit our FAQ page

If you still have unanswered and burning questions concerning the application form, procedures or criteria, please contact