GLAAD Leadership Councils

What is a Leadership Council?

GLAAD leadership councils are organized groups of dedicated volunteer leaders with a demonstrated commitment and passion for GLAAD’s mission. They provide critical on the ground support and leadership for GLAAD in communities across the country. As the local voice and face of GLAAD, leadership councils offer locally tailored events, monitor and respond to local media coverage of LGBT people and issues, communicate GLAAD’s impact on local and national issues, and build support for GLAAD’s work. In 2010, there are established and emerging Leadership Councils in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, South Florida, and Washington DC.

Who is part of the Leadership Council?

Members come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds but share a common passion and demonstrated commitment for GLAAD’s mission. Leadership council members often have experience with non-profit and community leadership, understanding and/or involvement with the media, and understanding and/or involvement with LGBT issues.

What do Leadership Council members do?

As an ambassador for GLAAD, members dedicate their skills, time, network, and resources to developing GLAAD in their local community. By volunteering 4-8 hours per month, members attend monthly meetings, plan and attend events, raise dollars to support GLAAD’s work, monitor and respond to local media issues, recruit volunteers for the council, and participate in GLAAD trainings. Each person is recruited to match the needs of the council and participate actively on one of its committees including programs, fundraising, awareness, or governance. Each person makes a financial donation that is significant to them and helps raise money to meet an annual group fundraising goal.

What can you expect from GLAAD?

Leadership councils are directed and supported by the Senior Director for Regional Leadership Development and work with other staff as needed. Additionally, a National Leadership Council has been established to connect local councils to one another and the national organization with a goal of sharing best practices, setting shared goals, and communicating results. Opportunities for training and learning will be provided throughout the year including the Annual Leadership Council Summit in October 2010 in New York. As an active member of the council, you can expect to see impact on issues important to you, have a clearly defined role within the council, and benefit from the multiple social and professional networking opportunities provided to you through this experience.

How do I get started?

Please contact Amhir Hidalgo to learn more at