Steve & Becky Riggle

Senior Pastors, Grace Church

—Called on Houston’s openly gay mayor, Annise Parker, to step down from office simply because she supports same-sex marriage (i.e., her own marriage to her partner of twenty-three years).

—Claims ordinance barring discrimination against LGBTQ people is on par with forcing African American business owners to serve the KKK: “There is no comparison between this ordinance and a true Civil Rights bill. Instead, this bill would be the equivalent of forcing a print shop owned by African Americans to print KKK posters. As for those who say that gay is the new black, there is no behavior or lifestyle associated with being black, but there is a definite behavior and lifestyle associated with being gay.”

Pushing for legislation to ban transgender people from facilities: “This is Texas. Texans do not want men in women’s restrooms, locker rooms or showers.”

Signed joint statement reading:”We cannot and will not affirm the moral acceptability of homosexual behavior or any behavior that deviates from God’s design for marriage. Grace Church and our related churches will not recognize same-sex ‘marriages,’ will not host same-sex ceremonies of any kind, and we will not perform such ceremonies. We will never capitulate to any mandate by the state to accept and normalize what God calls unacceptable and unnatural.

—In addition to LGBTQ people, Becky Riggle suggests businesses should also be free to discriminate against Jewish customers.



The GLAAD Accountability Project catalogs anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and discriminatory actions of politicians, commentators, organization heads, religious leaders, and legal figures, who have used their platforms, influence and power to spread misinformation and harm LGBTQ people.