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Scott Brown

Former U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa
Former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts

Voted for a state constitutional amendment that would have reversed marriage equality in the state Massachusetts during his time as a state senator.

Condemned as “just not normal” the choice of a fellow state senator and her lesbian partner to have a baby.

Voted to stop same-sex marriages after they were legalized in Washington, D.C.

Voted against repealing a two-hundred-year-old Massachusetts law that had previously been used to stop interracial marriages but was then being used to stop marriages of same-sex couples living out of the state.

Criticized the Obama administration for stopping its defense of the discriminatory and unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act

Was sole member of the Massachusetts state senate to vote against the independence of an LGBTQ youth commission, effectively supporting then-governor Mitt Romney’s threats to limit or even disband the group.

Co-sponsored a measure that would have demanded Massachusetts public schools notify parents if they so much as meant words like “sexual orientation.”

Reportedly threatened the career of a fellow Republican state senator who voted against a proposes marriage ban.

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