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Sarah Huckabee Sanders

31st White House Press Secretary

—Headed the American Principles Fund, a Super PAC that attacks candidates for their support of LGBTQ rights and other social issues. The Fund is a spinoff of the American Principles Project, a conservative organization founded by National Organization For Marriage (NOM) cofounder and Federal Marriage Amendment author Robert George. The Fund has been largely financed by Sean Fieler, a major NOM donor.

—Led the American Principles Fund during their ad campaign attacking Senate candidate Liz Cheney for not being anti-LGBTQ enough, even though Cheney stood opposed to LGBTQ rights

Threatened pro-LGBTQ candidates that their support was on “the wrong side” and “could be fatal”: “Jobs and economy and spending are still the most important, but a candidate’s position on social issues such as life and marriage sends an extremely strong message about their values. That’s why taking the wrong side could be fatal”

—Framed marriage equality and other social matters as an “attack” on “values”: “The unilateral truce on social issues within the GOP is bad for our party and wrong for our country—our core values are under attack, and we will stand for those who stand for what’s right,” she said in a statement.

Shared a Facebook post in which an anti-LGBTQ writer criticizes football player Michael Sam for coming out as gay, saying the author made “great observations.”

The GLAAD Accountability Project catalogs anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and discriminatory actions of politicians, commentators, organization heads, religious leaders, and legal figures, who have used their platforms, influence and power to spread misinformation and harm LGBTQ people.