Ryan Zinke

52nd United States Secretary of the Interior

Under Secretary Zinke, the National Park Services withdrew its sponsorship of New York City’s first permanent Pride Flag, located outside of the historic Stonewall Inn, and dropped out of its pre-scheduled participation in the flag dedication ceremony. 

Opposes adoption by same-sex couples: “I do not support same sex marriages or the adoption of children by same-sex couples.”

Cosponsored resolution declaring that the U.S. House of Representatives disagrees with the Supreme Court on marriage equality.

Said of marriage equality: “The term ‘marriage’ is sensitive to Christians. I just don’t agree with ‘same sex’—the term. I don’t disagree with the union. You know, maybe that group should embrace union,” Zinke said. “But the term ‘marriage’ is sensitive. It’s sacred and it’s part of the Christian culture that I think is just a bridge too far.”

Implied his lesbian congressional challenger was making a choice, saying “If you want to be a lesbian...”


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