Randy Thomasson

Founder, SaveCalifornia.com

—Founder of RescueYourChild.com, a site that parents to remove their kids from public schools if schools are too LGBTQ-inclusive.

Warned that efforts to add a third gender option to California drivers licenses will lead to “anarchy and chaos,” and an increase in HIV/AIDS: “transexuality/cross-dressing is the highest transmitter of HIV/AIDS in our land, it’s even more dangerous than homosexuality.”

Says of transgender policy: “This new law calls transsexuality good, when science, health, logic and love inform us it's bad.”

On LGBTQ acceptance in public schools: "If you have your eyes open, you know that 'LGBTIQ' activists who claim to be victims are actually trampling the constitutional rights of everyone else,"..."Free speech, religious freedom, ownership rights, property rights, parental rights, and the right of association are all being victimized. This is reason enough for any right-thinking person to oppose the tyrannical 'LGBTIQ' agenda, and high motivation for loving parents to rescue their children both academically and morally."

Called on governors to use national guards to stop marriage equality. 

—His organization released a document (later scrubbed) that equated town clerks who had to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples with soldiers who were forced to "gas the Jews."

—Likened pro-LGBTQ teachers and school administrators to Adolf Hitler.

—Because of state's LGBTQ-inclusive policies, Thomasson says California's schoolchildren are like "lambs to the slaughter."

—After Newtown, said school children were murdered in public schools because of "sin"; added that "love of God" and "fear of God" is the way to stop it.

—Says (at 1:00) that homosexuality is "inherently unhealthy;" adds (1:30-2:40) that homosexuality is "abnormal" but students are being brainwashed to think otherwise.

—Compared same-sex marriages to lying, cheating, stealing, forgery, and more: "Counterfeits always harm society, whether it’s lying or cheating, or a teenager pretending he loves a girl just so she’ll give him sex, or the stealing that banks and other businesses endure, or the false documents that are commonplace in the black market. I am greatly concerned how counterfeit marriages in California and other states will teach children that there’s nothing special about marriage and that homosexual relationships deserve the same honor as marriage, just with a different name."

—Likens the "lie" of homosexuality to drugs, cigarettes, junk food, drunk driving, and more.

—Equates LGBTQ-affirming teaching with sexual abuse and car collisions: "If a speeding car was on a collision course with your child, wouldn’t you do all you could to rush to rescue your child? And what if you found out someone was planning to sexually molest your child? Nothing could stop you from rescuing your boy or girl. Think about it. If we are so concerned about the physical safety of children, why wouldn’t we also protect their mental, emotional, and spiritual safety? Realize that the raft of school sexual indoctrination mandates imposed on all children in California government schools amounts to mental molestation."

—Says LGBTQ acceptance is "less than animal": "This philosophy essentially turns man into an animal, but less than an animal, because beasts follow God's natural order of sexuality."

—Says (at :07) that the push for LGBTQ rights is "unnatural and unhealthy;" equates (at :33) LGBTQ rights with a "flood coming in."

—Refers to a certian political party as "the evil Democrats;" calls his pro-LGBTQ opposition "the powers of evil." (at :29)

—Says (at :56) that homosexuality is "a hammer against everything that is good and sacred in society."

—Says the LGBTQ rights movement promotes a "tsunami of perversity."


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