Ralph Reed

Founder and Chair, Faith and Freedom Coalition
Chairman, Georgia Republican Party

—In claims that the independent Politifact deemed false, claimed “irrefutable evidence” is against same-sex parenting: “This is about what’s best for children here in the United States. And the social science is irrefutable. And it is that a child who grows up in a home without the mother and father present and they both play very unique procreative, nurturing and socializing role [sic], they’re nine times more likely to end up dropping out of high school. They’re five times more likely to end up in poverty. And they’re three times more likely to end up addicted to drugs and alcohol.”

—In viciously anti-gay documentary from mid-1990s, equated protections for gays and lesbians with protections for polygamists and people who have affairs (at :36 mark): “No one should have special rights or privileges or minority status because of their sexual behavior. We don’t have it for people who are polygamists; we don’t have it for people who have affairs on their wives or husbands.”

—Claims federal workplace protections for LGBTQ people would be “a dagger aimed at the heart of religious freedom for millions of Americans.”

—His organization called for the federal government to stop giving funding to the National Cathedral simply because of the church’s support for marriage equality.

—Said it was “a grave mistake” for the Boy Scouts of America to allow gay youth.


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