Photo credit: Ballotpedia Paul Mango candidate page

Paul Mango

Chief Principal Deputy Administrator and Chief of Staff for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

4.12.18 - Endorsed by Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group Family Research Council (FRC) over the other candidates in his gubernatorial primary race.

4.5.18 - Criticized Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate for the GOP and former Pennsylvania State Sen. Scott Wagner for supporting the state’s Fairness Act, a bill which would extend non-discrimination protections to LGBTQ Pennsylvanians.

4.5.18 - Launched a television ad condemning Wagner for his support of a trans-inclusive bathroom bill, stating that such a bill “puts our children’s safety and privacy in jeopardy” and “allows a boy to shower with your daughter at school.”

2.26.18 - Accepted campaign donations from conservative Sean Fieler, a board member of the vehemntly anti-LGBTQ super PAC American Principles Project. Feiler has also donated millions to organizations that oppose marriage equality and produce questionable studies about same-sex relationships.

1.9.18 - Participated in a video interview with anti-LGBTQ gun control oppoonent Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, the leader of a far-right Christian church, and nodded along as Moon commented that public school students were getting “indoctrinated into the homosexual political agenda” and “transgender agenda.”

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