Lou Engle

Head of Lou Engle Ministries

Requested his followers fast as a way to free “100,000 gay and lesbian men and women.” Engle is asking for a 40-day fasting event, and “former” lesbian Lindsey Kiser and “ex-gay” Jeffrey McCall, the head of Freedom March, a group that purports to cure people of homosexuality but has no proof of success, are promoting the event.

Prayed that 100,000 gays and lesbians would become “ex-gays,” which he said would bring about “radical salvations and healings of AIDS.” 

Said the “homosexual agenda” is one of two “spiritual powers that were coming to sweep this nation” based in the “spiritual powers of death, the gates of hell.” 

Said: “If we’re struggling with a homosexual, same-sex desire, LET THE BIBLE KILL YOU, rather than make it easier for you, and say well, there must be a better scriptural answer to this…. Brothers and sisters, let the Bible kill you rather than you twist the scriptures! And in that killing, it will break you so that you can find a redeemer and a savior!” 

While the so-called “Kill The Gays” bill was being debated in Uganda, Engle made an appearance at an anti-gay rally in Kampala. One reporter noted “[Ugandan leaders] told me that Engle had explicitly expressed his support for the bill, telling them that he had to lie to the Western media because gays control it.” The bill calls for the death penalty as punishment for being gay. 

Publicly prayed for Ellen DeGeneres to be “converted” so that God could use her to “change the minds of the masses” and tell the current generation that being gay is not acceptable. (0:10 - 0:13)

Said of criminal sanctions against homosexuality: “For instance, the court case Lawrence v. Texas, is the court case that basically decriminalized homosexuality in the U.S. Everybody knew that when that bill passed, or when that court case shifted, then it opened the door for the legalization, for the definition, or the legalization of same-sex marriage, which is now rolling into America. We knew that. So I’ve always had—yes, there needs to be a principled stand. There needs to be some kind of restraint from the homosexual agenda being able to roll over this, a nation that does not want it.”

Said that students who fail to take an anti-gay stand are being marked by “the beast”: “To compromise for the sake of getting a grade, you’re practicing to receive the mark of the beast.”

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