Laura Ingraham

Television Host

—Claimed that LGBTQ rights activists are child abusers, saying, “the Left has been on the cultural warpath to gender bend our kids into submission.” She said on her podcast that drag queen story hours at libraries and LGBTQ-affirming activities in public schools as “going after” kids. “They need the kids … without indoctrinating children on a whole variety of issues … the movement kind of dies out,” and “I think a lot of this is geared toward lowering the age of consent for children, too.”

During Pride Month in 2019, hosted homophobic and transphobic guests on her show, including: Arthur Shaper of anti-LGBTQ hate group MassResistance, who said on her Fox News show that drag queen story hours are “adult illicit entertainment,” “pole dancer story hour” and “porn actor story hour.” A day earlier on her podcast, she hosted Bill Donohue, the president of the anti-LGBTQ Catholic League, referred to transgender youth, and educating young people about gender identity, as “an assault on nature and on nature’s God.”

—On her Fox News show, hosted anti-LGBTQ Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick who called Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke “light in the loafers” to suggest that he is gay as a way to smear him.

Said on her podcast that transgender people are trying to use social engineering to create a new “part human, part animal” species. “The hoax that somehow sexes are all the same or capable of being bed into one continuum, that masculinity itself is toxic, terrible, and poisonous, all of those things, and in fact has to be discouraged in many ways,” Ingraham said. And “Their goal ultimately is the destruction or elimination of the traditional family, though, is it not?”

Called it “child abuse” to provide transgender transition-related health care to transgender youth. Ingraham said, "I think it's child abuse to give children hormone treatments... let the child go through puberty for goodness sakes... I'm sure there are other strategies, other ways to work on this at least without shooting up your kids with hormones, I'm talking about hormone therapy for nine-year-olds for goodness sakes." Gender-affirming therapy before puberty does not include "shooting them up" with hormone therapy.

Linked LGBTQ rights to incest: “I think we’ve moved on beyond gay marriage to transgenderism and then maybe polyamory. Maybe some type of incestuous relationship will be validated by the state as long as it’s not consummated. Right? I mean, who knows?”

Suggested listeners wear adult diapers in order to avoid restrooms with transgender people.

Dismissed a transgender high school athlete as “just more gender bending” from “those who want to mix up the traditional social mores.”

Outed fellow students at Dartmouth as an editor at the conservative student newspaper. From the 2008 book Shock Jocks: Hate Speech and Talk Radio: “She secretly sent a reporter with a tape recorder to a campus gay students association meeting; she then outed the students in print and sent tapes of the meetings to the students’ parents. In the magazine she called association members “cheerleaders for latent campus sodomites.”

Suggested parents of an eight-year-old transgender student should be “kind of embarrassed” about seeking fair accommodations at school.

Claimed a transgender conference was “killing the culture.”

—Called President Obama “Emperor Obama” for backing a trans-inclusive military and pushed the idea that he was trying to “fundamentally transform America” through his support.

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