Lara Trump

Producer and Host, Trump Productions' Real News Update

Lied when she said, “Donald Trump has never cared about how you look, he’s never cared about your gender, your religion or who you love. Donald Trump is fighting for every single American, period.” (17:14) In fact, as president, Donald Trump banned transgender people from the military based on their gender identity, attempted to bar all Muslims from entering the United States and has a long history of commenting on multiple women’s appearance and attacking women.

Lied when she said, “Donald Trump has been the most pro-gay president in American history.” A similar claim was independently fact-checked, debunked, called “absurd” and given the highest ranking for most dishonest and untrue. Obama’s record vs. Trump’s record.

Lied when she said, “Donald Trump led the way wanted the campaign for decriminalizing homosexuality around the world, the only president to do that ladies and gentlemen.” The Obama administration began this effort. The Trump administration’s effort was described as nothing more than "self-promoting Twitter photos" and led to no advances that can be credited to the administration. The Trump administration’s decriminalization effort was dismissed by foreign policy advocates as “self-serving Twitter photos” and nothing more than “smoke and mirrors.” Trump himself was unfamiliar with it when asked. Trump-appointed UN Ambassador Nikki Haley oversaw a vote against a decriminalization resolution.

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