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Katy Talento

Healthcare Policy, Domestic Policy Council

Penned lengthy piece condemning transgender people and “the catastrophic effects of declaring war on our own bodies”: “We do violence against human dignity when we agree with someone who has decided that his own body is his enemy. We can not escape our bodies, no matter how aggressively we reject, medicate, poison, mutilate or even kill our bodies, as the sad teenager referred to in The Federalist piece did. In the end, our personhood is an inextricable combination of soul and body. To damage one is to damage them both. To reject one is ultimately a rejection of both and the psychological carnage of this self-rejection can not be avoided. The idea that we can separate our true personhood from our body is an ancient heresy that raises its head in different forms in every age.”

—On two separate occasions, took to the Facebook page of the extremely anti-LGBTQ Ruth Institute in order to disparage families headed by same sex couples. In one, she wrote “cry me a river” in response to gay dads struggling to obtain a passport for their son. In another, referred to New York state’s expansive legal definition of parent (which was sparked by court cases involving lesbian couples) as “more injustice for children.”

Openly opposed to birth control: “We shouldn’t be trying to medicate away pregnancy...You don’t have to invest a bunch of carcinogens to plan your family” (Clip begins at 4:50)

Erroneously claims birth control causes miscarriages.

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