Joseph Farah

Editor-in-Chief, World Net Daily

Insists that American Muslims are becoming more accepting of marriage equality, “because Muslims understand that court rulings in favor [sic] ‘same-sex marriage’ make it inevitable that polygamy will soon be permitted in the U.S. It’s a means to an end.”

Prior the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, wrote a column wondering if any state would secede from the union as a “Promised Land” for anti-LGBTQ citizens: “Is there one state in 50 that would not only defy the coming abomination, but secede in response? The rewards could be great. I would certainly consider relocating. How about you?”

In a column where he refers to Caitlyn Jenner by her deadname and “his-her,” he referred to being trans as a choice “to mutilate oneself sexually,” and he insisted that most transgender hate crimes are made up.

—Predicted gays’ “twisted unions” will “bring down American faster” than anything else.

Because of the church’s allowance of same-sex marriages, he called the Presbyterian Church USA an “apostate church from hell.”

Called marriage equality for same-sex couples “one of the most radical ideas considered since child sacrifice.”

His thoughts regarding pro-LGBTQ presidential appointments: “I wonder what kind of database Obama uses to locate people like [openly gay Kevin Jennings and Chai Feldblum]? Is it Monster.com? That would be appropriate. Or is it FreaksUnlimited.com? Maybe Obamanations.com? No, it’s got to be Perverts.gov. I’m telling you, the entire federal government is going to have to be fumigated some day when these deviants and degenerates are finally sent packing.”

Claimed that the August 2011 east coast earthquake was a “sign to us of the consequences of disobedience and indifference to our Creator.”

Because of a law protecting transgender students, wrote the following about California schools: “If you’ve got kids in California public schools, there are many reasons to pull them out. But this one takes the cake. Don’t wait for your child to be abused. It’s only a matter of time now. Subjecting your kids to California authorities is itself a form of child abuse.”

Insinuated that LGBTQ acceptance equals child abuse: “What’s happening in our society today is nothing short of the active recruitment of children into aberrant sexual lifestyles. We once called this child abuse. But today it’s official state policy”

Wrote article claiming to “cite similarity between homosexual activists, Hamas terrorists”: “What same-sex marriage advocates and the terrorists of the Gaza Strip have in common is their desire to destroy something they find repulsive. In Gaza, it’s the Jewish state of Israel. Among homosexual activists, it’s the institution of marriage.”

Said transgender men and women are attempting “to change one’s sexual plumbing in a bizarre and twisted medical mutilation.”

Said homosexuality threatens the nation: “It’s not only the kind of unrepentant sin that will keep someone from eternal life with God, it’s the kind of sin that defiles the land. It’s the kind of sin that caused the inhabitants of Canaan to be spued [sic] out, opening the door to the nation of Israel. It’s the kind of sin that brings on national judgment.”

Wrote of President Obama’s support for marriage equality: “As a man claiming to be America’s leader, Obama has cursed us all. In fact, he himself represents one of those judgments that, I believe, is already upon us as a nation.”



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