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Jerry Falwell Jr.

Leader of President Trump's Education Task Force
Former Liberty University President

Resigned in August of 2020 after posting a photo with his pants unbuttoned as he posed with a woman who is not his wife. Falwell was also accused of being involved in an affair involving his wife and another man.

--Wrote of his university: “Liberty University is pro-life and believes that marriage between one man and one woman provides the best environment for children. Liberty University will not lend its’ name or financial support to any student group that advances causes contrary to its mission.... Liberty University will not lend its’ name or financial support to undermine marriage or to promote abortion.” [sic]

Along with his wife, made transphobic and mocking comments insisting that they were raising their granddaughter “as a girl.”

Refused to grant official club status to a Liberty University Democratic club because of the Democratic party’s stances on marriage equality and reproductive freedom.

Blurbed a book about a man who supposedly “gave up homosexuality for God” by saying: “If ever a story needed to be told, this one does. Jonathan’s frank and fearless testimony will serve to offer hope to those struggling with this sin and understanding for the rest of us.”

Said he’s “always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in.”

Insisted Liberty University would stop participating in programs where the federal government barred them from discriminating against homosexuality: “We’re now in a financial position that would allow us to simply exit the program.… If it became necessary, that’s what we would do.”

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