Jeff Johnston

Gender Issues and Marriage Analyst, Focus on the Family

Wrote column supporting widely debunked, dangerous conversion therapy: “Male homosexuality is much like other sexual sins or temptations people struggle with, in that God works with us as individuals; there is no “formula” for the change process, nor is there typically “instant freedom” (although that has happened, for some). Not surprisingly, each person’s path to liberty will be different.”

Said of a trans character on a sitcom: “Kids aren’t equipped to sort out that kind of falsehood from the real truth.... And in this case this is especially sad because this is a child, this is a little girl who is trapped in a false identity and for whatever reason, she has rejected her girlhood and believes she’s a boy or wants to be a boy, and her family and now the producers of the show are affirming this little girl in a false identity.”

Said of homosexuality: “Same-sex lusts, fantasies and sexual activity violate God’s male-female design in a unique way. Instead of normalizing brokenness, calling homosexuality ‘good,’ and identifying people by their sexual attractions, those who follow Jesus are called to bring redemption, grace and transformation.”

Said same-sex unions are “unreality”: “A society that attempts to erase male and female or to create new categories to stand next to male and female is living in unreality.”


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