Glenn Stanton

Director of Global Family Formation Studies, Focus on the Family

Wrote of trans activism: “Much of the folly comes down to this. When you stray from the clear and universally marked path of nature, confidently claiming that new paths are just as good, it can be fun and exciting for a while. But the inevitability you find yourself lost, disoriented and in troubling places you never bargained for…. Stay tuned folks. This maddening spectacle is just beginning. The silver lining is that it will eventually collapse under the sizable weight of its own deception. Let’s pray it happens soon.”

Claimed Satan is behind trans acceptance: “When Satan gets us to go along with the lie that male and female are only things we feel about ourselves and nothing more, he well knows what he’s accomplishing. When he deceives an individual to join in on the lie, he knows what he’s gained.”

Insisted that “gender theory is all about running from the natural order of reality, seeking to turn it on its head. It is anti-reality and anti-science.”

 —Said: “All sexual sin is wrong because it fails to mirror the Trinitarian image, but homosexuality does more than fail. It’s a particularly evil lie of Satan because he knows that it overthrows the very image of the Trinitarian God in creation, revealed in the union of male and female.” Adds: “Nothing else challenges this image of the Triune God so profoundly and thoroughly as homosexuality. It’s not what we were made for.”

—Claimed being gay or lesbian is just a “cultural construct” and “political statement.”

—On gay families: “So, we must ask, ‘Is it wise to enter the same-sex family experiment with a generation of children so we can learn how it will turn out?’ Is it ethical to turn thousands of children into human guinea pigs? The answer must be a resounding ‘no.’”

—The American Anthropological Association wrote a strong letter condemning Stanton’s “deliberate misrepresentation of the anthropological community“ on the subject of marriage equality.

—Wrote an article saying it was “shameful, “manipulative,” and “not good parenting” for two dads to allow their daughter to make a video defending her family.


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