Debra Soh


Wrote a column opposing conversion therapy bans, suggesting that gender-affirmative care in young people is “going down a path of sterilization and irreversible surgery.”

—Misrepresented desistance to Joe Rogan, saying, “all of the research actually shows that most of these kids—the vast majority of them are more likely to be gay in adulthood, they’re not going to be transgender.” 

Wrote a column promoting the idea of rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD), citing a flawed study. The study examined a hypothesized condition of social contagion, but upon review following its initial publication, journal editors determined that ROGD has not yet been “clinically validated” and that the research was marred by “goals, methodology, and conclusions”… “not adequately framed in the published version” of the study and which “needed to be corrected.” The column, without evidence, suggests that parents would erroneously find a “solution” “by allowing a child to transition, a feminine boy now presents as a feminine girl.” The column suggests that homophobia among parents, not support for trans children, is the reason for parents seeking gender-affirmative care. 

Told Ben Shapiro that the disproportionate number of men to women in STEM careers “is not due to sexism,” but rather differences in “exposure to prenatal testosterone” that drive different interests in careers.

—Authored the 2020 book The End of Gender, in which Soh claims that nonbinary biological sex diversity, gender as a social construct, and gender dysphoria in children necessitating transition are “myths.”

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